The Maryland Hispanic Business Conference Awards honors individuals by recognizing outstanding achievements and dedication and who are worthy of the unique Award. The MDHBC Awards were created with a purpose in mind reflection of its own meaning. Do you know someone who exemplifies similar characteristics as described by these named awards? How about someone who has made outstanding contributions to their community? Is there someone who has distinguished themselves as driven, dedicated, and service-oriented?

Complete a nomination application, and if chosen, your nominee will be recognized at the 2018 MD Hispanic Business Conference. Remember to keep the specific award’s meaning in mind; each application should address the purpose for that specific award and include the nominee’s activities, accomplishments, and contributions that align with that purpose. Describe, where applicable, the specific results and impacts of the nominee’s efforts that strengthen the case for that award.


  • AMERICAN DREAM AWARD will be awarded to an innovative, entrepreneur who has shown tremendous business success after overcoming obstacles and hardships while showcasing a commitment to the community.
  • LATINA POWERHOUSE AWARD will be given to a respected, accomplished and innovative businesswoman who has effectively navigated the path to success while maintaining the balance between family, community service and career.
  • NEGOCIO DEL AÑO AWARD will be awarded to an innovative, Maryland-based business that is tapping new growth areas, spurring economic development, creating jobs, and giving back to the community.

2016 Award Winners

  • Steve F. de Castro

    2016 American Dream Award Winner

    Steve F. de Castro

  • Lilian Castillo-Harris

    2016 Latina Powerhouse Award Winner

    Lilian Castillo-Harris

    2015 Award Winners

    • Pedro Palomino

      2015 American Dream Award Winner

      Pedro Palomino

    • Nicole Quiroga

      2015 Latina Powerhouse Award Winner

      Nicole Quiroga

    • Sergio Polanco

      2015 Negocio del Año Award Winner

      Sergio Polanco

    2014 Award Winners

    • Agnes Saenz

      2014 Latina Powerhouse Award Winner

      Agnes Saenz

    • Martin Mayorga

      2014 Negocio del Año Award Winner

      Martin Mayorga

    2013 Award Winners

    • Natalia Olson-Urtecho

      2013 Latina Powerhouse Award Winner

      Natalia Olson-Urtecho

    • Erick Oribio

      2013 Negocio del Año Award Winner

      Erick Oribio

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